Code of Conduct

This Code of Conduct applies to your access and use of the websites or materials on which they appear (collectively, “Company Sites and Materials”). Without limitation, this Code of Conduct applies to your use of bulletin boards, message boards, newsgroups, chat rooms, and other interactive or social media features of the Company Sites and Materials. References to “Company,” “we” or “us” below are references to Millionaire Media LLC and its owners, subsidiaries, affiliates, and joint business ventures, and their respective officers, directors, employees, agents, and representatives.

In accessing or using the Company Sites and Materials, you may not:

In order to access some of the services of the websites, you may have to create an account. By creating this account you agree to:

The Company may allow free speech, debate, and sharing among our users. However, the Company is opposed to language and acts that do not further the mission of the websites and our community, including personal attacks on other users.

The Company may, in its sole discretion, grant particular users the authority to moderate any and all User Submissions. Due to the volume of content, we may not review moderation decisions with users. In addition, individual moderators may adopt their own guidelines for chat rooms that they moderate. Users are encouraged to follow these moderator guidelines, but at all times this Code of Conduct and the Company’s Privacy Policy supersede such moderator guidelines to the extent that such guidelines are inconsistent with these Terms or the Company’s Privacy Policy.

You may not circumvent any measures we may put in place to protect the privacy or confidentiality of your account or information, or the account or information of ourselves, our affiliates, or other users, including encryption measures or the use of multi-factor authentication.

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