The Crypto Trader Blueprint

The #1 Strategy for Crypto Millionaires

Included: The EXACT Strategy and a 30-second “Reveal”

You can’t buy and hold your way to a fortune anymore…

When I talk to people about making money, I found that most believe in the “Golden Key.”

The Golden Key has minted stock market billionaires like Warren Buffet...and this simple strategy has just 3 steps:

Step 1: Find an amazing company with an amazing team

Step 2: Buy an early and aggressive stake

Step 3: Hold

Deceptively simple right?

Well, that approach may have worked in the stock market 20 years ago…

But it will get you absolutely slaughtered in the crypto market, and I’m going to reveal the exact reason why in just a couple minutes…

First, I want to show you the #1 strategy - and only 1 strategy - that crypto millionaires have been using to make more money than you would by trading the rest of the crypto market.

Or using the Stock Market “Golden Key.”

I know it sounds impossible - Only 1 single strategy?

I’ve been told that before, but I’ve been using it for years myself.

Regardless of what happens in the crypto market, it’s the one strategy I use with my own money…

I have found that it’s better than anything else.

I believe you could try Crypto Bots, Arbitrage or Yield Farming - and you’d still lose when pit against this amazing single strategy.

And unlike any of the tools I just listed, anybody can learn how to do this.

Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a set-it-and-forget-it strategy - there is SOME time and attention involved.

But the part that makes it so unique is that you don’t need any fancy financial education to do it.

You don’t need to be glued to the markets.

And you can start with less than $1,000.

Its simplicity means that anyone could stake their potential fortune.

And while I promise you’ll get the #1 strategy, as well as a sneak peak 30-second reveal at how I personally do it…

I want to warn you - this #1 strategy will most likely surprise you…

Even if you’ve used it you probably haven’t seen it done like this before.

But before I show you the Crypto Millionaire Trader’s #1 strategy…

I want to give you the full Crypto Trader Blueprint - it’s the blueprint for minting your first million in crypto, no matter what’s happening in the overall market.

If you’re willing to use this #1 strategy and go over the Crypto Trader Blueprint…

I am confident you’re going to watch your crypto account turn into a 5, 6 or even 7 figure fortune you can use however makes you happy.

So let’s get right into it.

How does the Crypto Trader Blueprint work?

My blueprint is specifically built to supercharge your trading profits.

The goal is to AVOID the “Golden Rule.”

Because while most people are buying into Bitcoin, they could see a healthy 5, 10 or maybe a 20% gain if they time the market perfectly.

And by most standards, that would be amazing.

But that’s not enough to turn an average person into a Crypto Millionaire.

Which is why I do things a little differently.

Now, I can’t guarantee that $1,000 is going to turn into $1 million dollars.

I can’t even guarantee that $1,000 is going to turn into even $100,000.

But my Blueprint and the #1 Strategy is designed to deliver bigger and faster results than any other I’ve seen.

I use the Millionaire Crypto Breakout.

With a single trade, you could make 5, 10 and even 100 times more than you would, if you simply found a promising crypto, bought and held for years and years.

To me, that makes this the perfect strategy for anyone that wants to take the fast-track.

I know it sounds outlandish but I want to reveal how I use my strategy right now.

It involves watching the 3 phases of a Crypto play.

Phase 1: The Sidewinder

Stay Away from crypto plays during this phase

Phase 2: The Millionaire Crypto Breakout

This is where the money is made

Phase 3: The Fall From Grace

The truth is, most people hold too long and get killed during this phase

And instead of me just telling you about each phase.

I want to do one better.

I’m going to show you exactly what to look for with a 30 second demo of one of my Millionaire Crypto Breakouts.

Again, I’m talking about turning a small stake into a meaningful amount of money.

Like when BAT ran from 17 cents to $1.65 - nearly a 10x opportunity.

Or take MANA for instance - this coin went parabolic turning a small stake of $1,000 into over $57,000

Or everybody’s favorite underdog, DOGECOIN went from less than a penny to nearly 75 cents - turning every $1,000 into more than $100,000

Let me tell you, the value of cryptocurrency isn’t about hype, the latest tweet or a celebrity endorsement.

It is in its use, the utility.

The more effective a service it provides, or the better its infrastructure - the more value it has.

Watch what happened when I applied the Crypto Trader Blueprint to Binance…

You can see how all 3 phases played out starting with Phase 1 - The Sidewinder - those who bought in here would have their capital locked in this play for 6 months.

In the crypto space, that’s a long time for bad news to turn a play against you.

Then you can see on January 31st we identify Phase 2 - The Millionaire Crypto Breakout.

Millionaire Crypto Traders could have recognized an incredible opportunity for a 1,240% winner - enough to potentially turn $1,000 from your savings account into an incredible $13,402.

I hear this all the time “But look at the chart - clearly the better play is to buy and hold. You’d have made nearly twice as much money!”

I can’t help but laugh because of one thing…

Guess what word isn’t in the Buy and Hold strategy?


Which means nearly all of those early buyers with a paper fortune faced a crushing reality on May 11th…

Phase 3 - The Fall From Grace

These people were rewarded with a healthy 68% drop in their portfolio in a matter of days.

Listen - the days of buy and hold your way to retirement are dead.

In fact, in the crypto space it will get you crushed.

Using the Crypto Trader Blueprint on Filecoin, you would have seen Phase 1 - The Sidewinder here.

Phase 2 - The Millionaire Crypto Breakout here on February 8th at $35

And could have cashed out at $190 - because nobody times the top perfectly - on March 31st.

A nice 5x winner in under 60 days. Not bad.

Had you used the buy and hold strategy?

A year later this once-darling crypto and you are at all-time lows.

You would have gotten absolutely annihilated - both financially and probably emotionally.

Losing that much money is heart wrenching, and trying to explain that kind of loss to your family is something I wouldn’t wish on anyone.

In the crypto space, there are too many examples of how Buy and Hold would kill the everyday investor.

LRC, EOS, STORJ - I’ll save you from any more, but my point should be clear that these were once titans in the crypto space that are now washed out.

I know because I was there, and I tried using the Stock Market Golden Key like everyone else…

I was Chasing the hype…

I was Trading the tweet…

I was even Buying in and holding on for dear life…

In fact, I remember one play specifically.

$AAVE - I was absolutely 100% convinced this was going to be the play.

Stablecoin blockchains were the next hot thing…

But by the time I realized I was chasing the hype.

I was staring down a $26,875 loss.

That painful lesson has stuck with me all these years.

It may have been the best thing that happened to me though.

Because that’s when I had my breakthrough…

I discovered when I focused on the #1 strategy that I simply won more times than anything else I was doing.

And generally made significantly more money doing it.

The best part was I didn’t have to worry about every crypto on the market.

The latest get-rich-quick tool,

Or predict what’s going to happen next.

All I have to do is identify which of the 3 phases a crypto is in…

Then only trade when I spot a 5, 10 or 100x Millionaire Crypto Breakout and do it over and over again.

One thing I love about this approach is that you don’t have to be glued to the computer screen waiting for a trade to magically appear.

No matter what’s happening, I can get in, make my money and move on to the next one - usually in just a few days.

It’s a simple and profitable process.

I had an amazing 30 day stretch where I was using my Crypto Millionaire Strategy nearly flawlessly…

During that same 30 day stretch Bitcoin was going absolutely nuts, it was generating a lot of buzz and managed a $60,000 breakthrough.

But even with Bitcoin making new highs and creating some amazing returns…

The Crypto Millionaire Strategy STILL beat Buy and Holders, by an absolute mile.

It wasn’t even close.

While the average person holding 1 Bitcoin would have made an impressive $7,455.

I was able to beat the Stock Market’s “Golden Key” by nearly 10 times in that same period of time.

To be fully clear with you, I don’t always make over $60,000 every 30 days

But can you see how powerful this approach is compared to nearly every other strategy out there?

The fact is, when you use the Crypto Trader Blueprint over and over again, like I recommend, your odds of success are exponentially higher than anything else I’m aware of.

Look, Jack Kellogg, millionaire trader, used the Crypto Trader Blueprint to buy SHIBA.

He locked in over $200,000 in profits from this one trade.

This is the best way I know of to make money as a crypto trader.

Instead of wasting your time chasing get-rich-quick crypto tools, you have the chance to build a potential profit machine with one smart and specific strategy.

Just look at November 2021.

That’s when I launched my Crypto War Room, a live trading room which was built around sharing my Crypto Trader Blueprint.

I closed 5 trades.

4 winners, 1 loser - an 80% win record.

My best gain during that month? Over 173%

Imagine, if you were buying and holding it could take you years to see that same kind of gain.

Traders in my trading room?

They could have done that in less than 14 days.

I could go on and on, but I want to show you…

How to stop navigating the thousands of cryptos on the market.

To stop spending hours every day glued to your computer.

No more chasing the hot trend or get-rich-quick schemes.

All you have to do is use the Crypto Trader Blueprint and you’ll be on the fast track towards your financial goals.

That’s it.

I believe you have the opportunity to make money month after month, week after week…

Bull market, bear market or anything in between.

You’ve already seen how powerful the Crypto Millionaire’s #1 Strategy can be.

And I believe we’re about to see another wave of 5x, 10x and even some rare 100x plays coming up.

To that end, I want to invite you to join my Live War Room with the other Crypto Traders using the same strategy I’ve revealed.

I’ve never seen another room like it.

I’m doing it differently, and if you ask the people I share this with on Thursday, I think they would agree with me that it’s working.

Today I’m inviting you to join me for as close to free as I could make this.

I want you to learn and use my Crypto Trader Blueprint, and the Crypto Millionaire’s #1 Strategy for just $5.

You heard that right - $5.

The moment you do, I’ll give you access to everything I’m about to mention.

No other expert I know of is giving away his #1 strategy and is willing to go live with a room full of traders to put it to the test, every week.

The only way to get it is through this page today.

Here’s what you get…

  • Every Thursday I go live and give you a full breakdown of a special opportunity.

    We have thousands of Cryptos to choose from, but when I apply the #1 strategy - we are already ahead of the everyday crypto trader.

  • I’ll give you a full breakdown of the crypto play, you’ll see exactly why I believe they could make you the next Crypto Millionaire Trader.

    Don’t worry, I make sure to explain everything in great detail.

  • Finally, I’ll show you how to combine these trades to see some extraordinary gains.

I’ve seen traders pick it up right away.

The hardest part is finding the best play and using the right strategy - I’ve already done that for you.

Of course, you always have to make the best choice for your own financial situation…

But I’m proud to say that my Crypto War Room has had the chance to make some sizable gains.

But that’s just the start…

Today, through this page only, I want to give you a 14-day Crypto Bootcamp.

I’ll cover everything I believe the Crypto Trader needs to become self-sufficient.

It’s the perfect compliment to the Thursday sessions.

I want you to get on the fast track to becoming a Crypto Millionaire Trader.

This is just the tip of the iceberg.

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And, I saved the best for last…

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